Some people think this is good for the world of sport, while others think it is negative. 2.Governments in many countries have recently introduced special taxes on foods and beverages with high levels of sugar. Nowadays celebrities earn more money than politicians. Unfortunately, sometimes it creates tension between people from different cultures, instead of better understanding. – Describe the program. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. In the past people wore their traditional clothes and followed their culture. Thank you everyone for sharing! You recently received an invitation to a three-day training program which should benefit you and the company. Recent IELTS Writing … Give reasons for your answer. Discuss both views and give your opinion. In your letter. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Some people say that protecting the environment is the government’s responsibility. Write a letter to a foreign language teacher and say. Discuss both views and give your opinion. – Accept the invitation and suggest possible dates. Write a letter to your English speaking friend to invite him/her to see a movie about your country. – Suggest a reasonable solution. Share this to help your friends do better in IELTS! – Give details of your flight. Give your opinion and examples. These days most people wear similar clothes and therefore look very similar to one another. To get a list of recent essay questions as well as recent topics and question from all other sections of the IELTS test, follow this link: Recent IELTS Exam Questions & Topics. Other cities create more of low-rise buildings. These are the latest IELTS writing topics. You have recently used a moving company to move your household items to a new place and they have been damaged in transfer. To what extent do you agree or disagree? IELTS Writing Topic Areas Social and Psychological. Hey, you're new here - welcome! You talked to him and he suggested that you should contact him about a possible job in one of his restaurants. Do you agree or disagree with this idea? Discuss both views and give your own opinion. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why do you think people waste food? Write a letter to a newspaper editor about the poor condition of a historical building in your area and say. They start living on their own or sharing a home with friends. It is believed that people who read for pleasure develop their imagination more and acquire better language skills compared to people who prefer watching television. – How will it benefit your work? 50 Recent IELTS Essay Questions Hey! Please say. – Where did you hear about the teacher? – What item did you order? Subscribe here via RSS or via email Help. Some people say that personal lifestyle changes should be made to reduce the damage to environment, while others think that the government should do something to help. – Describe what you are planning to do. Sports should be made mandatory for all children as it helps in physical health. – What is the topic of presentation? Hopefully these will helpful for your preparation. Many people are copying famous celebrities from magazines and TV. You have recently flown to another country on a business trip. Write a letter to him/her and say. This will help you avoid taking several IELTS tests. So, could you please help me and guide me that what should I do to achieve me target score. Here, the IELTS writing topics need extra attention as penning down the essay according to the theme presented and definitely after examining it, is a complex matter. Recent IELTS General Writing Task 1 Topics. What are the main causes of this. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. Do you think it's a good idea to copy celebrities? – What are your future goals? Discuss both views and give your own opinion and examples. – When and where did you stay? IELTS Recent Exam Topics. Discuss both views and include your own opinion. Computer games and films containing violence are popular today. – What do you expect the manager to do about it? Is this a positive or negative development? You have recently traveled by plane and during the journey you had an issue with one of airline employees. – Why is it useful for you? Why are these helpful? Some people believe the the government should control population’s sugar intake while others think people themselves should be responsible for their sugar eating habits. You would like to participate in a training course. Due the advancement in computer technology the trend of working from home will bring a dramatic change to people’s lives. Discuss both points of view and give your own opinion. Subjects like arts, music and drama are more important than other school subjects and therefore should be give more time in the calendar. Nowadays many people choose ready made food and refuse to cook at home. Write letter to your friend and recommend reading the article. Why do you think this happens? Write a letter to the company’s manager and say. 100 IELTS Essay Questions. Write a letter to the hotel manager and say. Some people argue that it is best to accept a bad situation, such as an unsatisfactory job or shortage of money. Some people believe that it is important for children to attend extra classes outside school, while others believe that they should be allowed to play after school. You work a part-time job in a company and the company posted an advert seeking a person for a full-time position. Nowadays some people think that public libraries are not necessary, while others disagree. You have just finished your master’s degree and need to leave your current part-time job to search for full-time employment. Comment by Sardor — November 18, 2020 @ 9:26 pm, Writing tips for the IELTS General module, IELTS test in Perth, Australia – July 2019 (General Training), IELTS Letter, topic: writing to a friend about an article that captured your attention, subscribe here to receive IELTS topics via email, download the free trial of IELTS Success Formula book, Recent IELTS Test Questions and Topics Worldwide - February to November 2020, How to take IELTS just ONCE, and get the score you need, Inc. is an authorized reseller for IELTS-Blog. Others, however, think that health is a matter of personal choice and responsibility. Write a letter to your manager and say. The questions may also give you a country, which is where the person who posted it took the test. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. Young couples nowadays prefer to have fewer children than previous generations. Is it a positive or a negative trend? Some people say that art subjects such as music, drama and creative writing are an essential part of education, and every school should include them in its syllabus. Write a letter to your friend inviting him/her to a music concert. You have recently visited a local school in your community. For Band 9 Sample Answers for all Part 1,2,3 topics in 2020, you can..... Read More . Write a letter to your manager requesting to apply for the advertised position. Nowadays in many countries women have full time jobs. – Suggest an arrangement to watch the movie together. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. Write a letter to the administrator and say. Some people believe that managers are responsible for the organization’s success, while others think various features of the organization play a vital role in it. Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in. – Why would it be beneficial for the company? Comment by Simone Braverman — August 4, 2019 @ 12:39 am, Please I really want to take ielts test but am not good in speaking and writing essay in this Case what is your advice to me thanks, Comment by Smart Izibekiekume rita — August 23, 2019 @ 4:19 pm. – What type of music will be played there? Write a letter to your current employer. Unless otherwise stated, the latest IELTS writing topic given is from the Academic Module. In the task 1 for general training writing you have to write a letter. And of course following all the other tips in this book will help you in other areas of your writing. Is it a positive or negative development? Is it a positive or negative development? IELTS is a registered trademark of University of Cambridge, the British Council, and IDP Education Australia.

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