Place 1/3 cup crepe mixture in crepe pan and swirl mix around pan. A little while ago I shared a recipe for La Piadina a delicious Italian Flat Bread. Fold into quarters. Place 2 crepes on each serving plate. 2. Spinach, Basil, Chicken. There are different names for this recipe, so don’t be confused if you find this recipe aka French Apple Crepes or Apple and Cinnamon Crepes. Apple Pie Cinnamon Crepes, the perfect recipe to end the winter season. Mother Rimmy serves up a delicious, savory crepe filled with spinach, basil and mushrooms. To make the apple filling, put all ingredients in a skillet, stir and let simmer for a few minutes over low/medium heat. After a while, the batter will get thicker, so you might need to add a splash of milk. After you flipped the crepe, cook for a further 1-2 minutes. For the apples, place butter and sugar in pan and bring to a boil. Add photo. Use this as a filling for crêpes (recipe listed under Breakfast and Dessert 8" Crepes) or on top of waffles or pancakes. Cuisinart original. Today I decided to share another one of my youngest daughters favourite recipes. Lay crepes in a single layer, slightly overlapping, on 2 baking sheets. Place on a plate and allow to cool. A simple cinnamon crepe with a delicious Apple Pie filling. 1. There’s a sprinkling of cheese there too. Learn how to whip up some sweet cream cheese filling for your crepes. Let’s continue Top 10 crepes fillings (Crepes with apples). Serve with sour cream, if desired. Warm in oven 5 minutes, and remove.) and allow to cook for 5 minutes. Continue until you have no batter left. Cook for 2 minutes on each side. Add apples. Today we’re focusing just on the insides though, and these 48 delicious crepe fillings will rule your Sunday brunch like no other! Top with apple mixture. Ingredients. Sweet Cream Cheese . (If made ahead: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Crepes, when she was littleContinue Reading Set aside. Apple Filling for Crêpes. In mixer add heavy cream and mix on high till soft peaks.

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