seth.lucasmicrophone. That will be a real bi!ch on a lefty headstock - the buttons are harder to get to on the fly. With a reverse headstock, the strings bend in a more similar way with a trem - well it sounds different anyway, maybe not exactly in tune. 2,408 2,284. Post Oct 07, 2018 #1 2018-10-07T14:10. Somewhere back in the late '60s, there was a left-handed guitar player who played a right-handed Strat upside down. My wife and I watched the recent Jeff Beck documentary the other night, after having seen him this summer. Add to cart. I never realized that he and Jimmy Page went … 2,408 2,284. Musical Instruments Station. Platinum Blonde. I have only one coffee pot, but Left-handed headstock on right-handed strat Left-handed headstock on right-handed strat. Pretty much all I do now is play guitar and drink coffee. 22 Frets maple Reverse headstock right hand Electric Guitar Neck Yellow Glossy Guitar accessories parts musical instruments US $65.55 / piece Free Shipping | 1 Orders . Shop5382217 Store . Reverse headstock electric guitar neck maple 24 Frets JACKSON style US $65 / piece. Strap and cable included. seth.lucasmicrophone. Jimi Hendrix had a hard time finding left-handed guitars, so he flipped over and restrung standard right-handed Fender Stratocasters. share on facebook; share on twitter; share on pinterest; Product Overview Msrp $180.00 Neck & Tuners. CBS Strat ® style replacement neck features a reversed headstock, compound radius, and maple fingerboard fitted with 22 medium frets. I make subtle tuning adjustments constantly on trem Strats on occasion. Possibly more significantly on a strat, it changes the way chords are bent with a wammy. The unique string tension created by the reverse headstock, combined with the scorching tone of reverse staggered pickups, replicated that distinctive sound. I have a reverse headstock Tele project and I find the sound is more different than better or worse. With a normal headstock, the low strings bend more than the high strings, so the chords go out of tune as you bend. 1 Orders . The world isn't fair to lefties, even when they're rock gods. Forget about behind the nut bends, though. I have an Epi Firebird and want to install either some Schaller or Planet Waves locking tuners to help keep tune with the tremolo. It's a great flick, btw. Reverse Headstock - Compound Radius - Maple Fingerboard quantity. Just wondering if there are any benifits of a reverse headstock. Ships within 3 business days .

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