They pleased lots of recording artists before RODE created the M5s as a less-expensive option. If your budget is restrained and you are looking for a way to achieve maximum benefit, the Rode M5 is the right solution. If you’re recording either loud performances or soft ambient sounds, these may be the better choice for you. Designed and made in Australia, the M5 is a compact ½” cardioid condenser microphone with low noise and a full frequency response. Please know that your trust is so important for us. The half-inch capsule also has a gold-plated membrane. Design Often known as ‘pencil mics’, the Rode M5 is a stick condenser microphone that comes in a pair and is specifically designed for recording stereo session. Let’s look at both mic sets and see which one is best for you. With more luxurious and elegant looks, the pair of Rode NT5 condenser microphones showcase a nickel-plate body with a satin finish. This is how we manage to create free content for you. The NT5s have small diaphragm condenser mics in half-inch capsules. These matched overheads are highly sensitive and capture crisp detailing from all of the drums and cymbals. Will this be a problem? Both the microphones are durable and rugged although the Rode NT5 boasts an enhanced durability, thanks to its nickel plating. In comparison to each other, the Rode M5 is lighter and shorter than the Rode NT5 which is a little heavier and longer. The price of the Rode M5 is significantly low and has gained its reputation as a good microphone with lots of good reviews about its immaculate detailing and tremendous sound accuracy. Can be used for much more than just guitar. RODE certifies that as a pair they have not more than 1 decibel of sensitivity difference between them. The NT5 is a bit warmer sounding than the M5. Look at the Specifications in the table below. The NT5 microphones have the advantage of lower self-noise and lower impedance, and they can withstand a higher sound pressure level, so they perform better in both the studio and with live events. In addition to its affordability, it delivers an impressive performance. Gear Maniac . These two sets of microphones are similar in many features and can be used for the same types of recordings, both in the studio and live on stage. Last update on 2020-11-27 / Affiliate links / Updated prices and images from Amazon Product Advertising API. Click here to purchase Rode M5 on Amazon! It is praised for the excellent sound accuracy and detail. The low self-noise comes from the surface-mount electronics and lack of transformers. There is ample amount of detailing to its mid and high range frequencies. it will be the 1st condenser purchase ive made and i need a lot of versatility. They have XLR connectors and need an input with at least 100 ohms or more impedance in order to avoid signal loss. On the other hand, we have the Rode NT5 that is blessed with added advantages like a lower impedance, lower self-noise, higher maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) and a sleek looking nickel-plated body. The M5 is much noisier than the NT5. Like the MP5s, their pickup pattern is directed toward the front so they reject sounds from the sides and rear. I would say that if you’re on a budget, go with the M5. As a result, your sound will lose out on the bottom-end due to the directional pattern being cardioid. They ignore sounds to the sides and rear. The gold-sputtered capsule results in better conduction and maintains rigidity as well. I’m on a mission to help music creators to create fine music that help them position uniquely in the saturated music space. Rode M5 and Rode NT5 are two pairs of condenser microphones often used for the stereo recording of live performances, choirs, as well as studio projects. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The high impedance levels of both the Rode M5 and the Rode NT5 ensure that they can record higher frequencies even with the use of long cables without any loss of signal. Both can be used in stereo arrays or individually. Take a little care with mic placement and play with the instrument-mic balance. Often known as ‘pencil mics’, the Rode M5 is a stick condenser microphone that comes in a pair and is specifically designed for recording stereo session. (But note that their capsule is interchangeable with an omnidirectional capsule also available from RODE.). 7 Best Headphones for Metal and Rock in 2020 – Go Heavy! Let us review Rode M5 and Rode NT5 in this post. On the other hand, AKG P170 is a little bit bigger and heavier. Just know that the sound quality won’t be as good as the NT5 … To ensure pure signal transmission and better conduction, the connectors are gold-plated.As for the Rode NT5, you need a mandatory 48 volt phantom power to operate it and they are connected via XLR cables as well. If they’re being used in wind, they don’t have a low-cut filter, but they do come with wind shields. Often called pencil mics, thesecan be used as a pair in a stereo array or individually. The bass sounds more accurate and fuller. See our previous post about Rode M5 vs NT5 here! Some users have reported that they don’t notice a difference in the quality of the recordings between the two models. They will help make rich and clear recordings in the studio or during live performances. 5 Best 12-Inch Subwoofers in 2020: Audiophile’s Best Picks. I would go with the KM184. The NT5 has much lower self noise. A result of many years’ experience building the award-winning NT5 microphone, RØDE has succeeded in making a high-quality ‘pencil’ style permanently polarized condenser that will impress even the most demanding of artists and engineers. It can handle loud voices without any worry because of its increased maximum SPL. Nobody wants to compromise with their sound at any cost and both these condenser microphones are up to the expectations and emerged out as top-quality products. Along with being affordable, it also delivers a good sound quality with decent accuracy. Design Often known as ‘pencil mics’ , the Rode M5 is a stick condenser microphone that comes in a pair and is … If we recommend anything, it is always because we believe it is worth exploring. It sets an example of versatility as it is perfect for recording loud performances as well as soft ambience sounds. Lives for … On paper, they don't I had about two years where I got to use them side by side, so I feel I know the difference alright. With their nickel-plated housings, these NT5 microphones are a little larger and heavier than the M5 pair described above. The capsule is gold-sputtered which makes it conduct better but still retain rigidity. The Rode M5 lacks behind the Rode NT5 because of its high self-noise which can be annoying when there is a need to capture the fine audio details. If you want quality pencil condenser mics with less cost, go with the M5.

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