Regardless of how you find them, think about the impact these naming choices have on their brand identity and the emotions they conjure. Now, many farms and restaurants may not use product names, but cheesemakers, soap makers, wineries and distilleries do. One afternoon we were setting on the porch and the wind was blowing through the large pine trees, sounded just like water rushing___"Wind River Acres"Maybe if you give it time it will name its self like ours did. Do I think your name and tagline are important? Don’t ask someone what your name should be…, Trust me, when you start asking opinions, you’re gonna get them, and they’ll have you questioning. And, while those are both fine names, I don’t think either farmer remotely owes their success to the name they chose. Nostalgicfarm-When we named our place in Idaho it was a no brainer. In earlier episodes I’ve given the example of two very successful farms, Polyface and White Oak Pastures. Camel Tow. And choosing those names ties directly into Jasper Hill’s mission and brand identity. Ideas from Craig. House and farm names and beautiful baby names | … Get it? But, for now, picture it as having four columns across the top. If you want to download this tool, go to and download the template. I’d love to meet the folks in Lebanon, Ind., who named their farm Hallelujah Acres. Blog Get inspired Graphic design trends Design inspiration Design history & movements Famous design & designers Creative thinking Top 9 at 99 View all ; Learn design Design basics Design tutorials … Thanks Rob :). It’s a quality guarantee that requires farmers to comply with stringent criteria, but while it’s formally governed there, there’s nothing that says you couldn’t create your own BRANDED standards. All things being equal, it would be nice to have those in your name, if it worked well. Might I suggest another approach? But what else could we have done? You know something that evicts memories of Poohs 100 acre woods. Do you see how that approach ties directly into our brand voice and values? Let’s start by taking a look at some “questionable” names. Our brand personality was fun, and I think that came through on podcasts and in product naming. Find a designer. I have sent letters and packages to England, and I have never seen such long addresses! A friend has a place with Briar in the name and I just loved how playful the word was (to me anyway!). Here's a list of names for your farm that I liked from a farm name generator. There was an icehouse on the land at one point, and we have considered using that, however will probably name one of our buildings after that instead ... sometimes things get more complicated! They often use letter patterns of Vowel/Consonant/Vowel as these word structures are typically short, catchy and easy to say and remember. And that is what to name your business. Happy Lake Homestead 5. Braeside Brook--nice ring, not a commonly used phrase. These can be locales near you, landmarks, features of your property and so on. People love to think about farms in this romantic lexicon of earth and soil, rivers and roots. I would also try to get lighter furniture. I love to hear creative peoples ideas to stuff like this! What did the original inhabitants call it? So give this issue of naming your business and products the attention it deserves, 10 Reasons Farms Struggle Selling Product, Farm Law, Liability & How to Protect Your Assets, How to Start a Farm or Homestead With No Money | Homesteading, Robert Brady on Marketing Your Farm with Google Ads, Create your 2021 digital farm marketing plan with the FREE Farm Marketing Trail Map, PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW for Small Farm Nation on iTunes, Share this show on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. And named it Butcher Funeral Home. That was a 100% mission inspired name. Farmer Girl Orchard (Georgia is feminine form of Greek word George which means "tiller of the soil or farmer"), Hammer & Cycle Farm,Danube Honey Flow, Balkan Med. WINTERWOOD. And choosing those names ties directly into Jasper Hill’s mission and brand identity. I mean, if you go to you’d expect to see chickens. This can also provide an opportunity to incorporate some pastoral imagery into your name. The cabinet to the right of your sink base has gable next to the sink base gable. Let’s start with their logo since so many people fret over logo design. Their tagline? Name your farm after a beloved ancestor. Agencies . I know the perfect name is out there. They’ve chosen a organgish color which, I’m sure is no mistake, since it resembles the color of cheese. Then, add geographic words. And I’d take it seriously just as you should. Ooooh I'd have tons of ideas. So, using your name has serious brand implications…now, let’s pick the right name for you. Not bad if you go into farming, I guess. Other Pins. Our brand personality was fun, and I think that came through on podcasts and in product naming. Yep. When we delivered to Atlanta, we didn’t just say, “hey, we’re coming.”. The town near my land also has a rather long name, so hard to incorporate that in the name. Some challenge you in a fun way, such as Lay’s “betcha can’t eat just one” They’re right, by the way. YoungPoultry has very different brand implications from YoungChicks. Paula, where in Georgia? Azure Inlet Homestead 13. But I’d invest in a business that had a great execution plan and business model over one with a great name, logo, and tagline any day. Unfortunately, as much as I like that word in it, probably best to use a different word! Preserving a taste from a specific area. I could see how Heritage would be a hard one with the center having the same word! Column one is Family/Heritage words. Still, while there is no one RIGHT name, there are plenty of. You know something that evicts memories of Poohs 100 acre woods. What in the world do they mean? Start Your Farm Website | Online Farm Marketing Courses | Farm Blog/Podcast | About Small Farm Nation | Contact | FREE RESOURCES, So let’s dive into this issue, and let’s start with a question…, Now, when I say it’s important, I’m saying it’s. 1. Use it. Cork or massive wall hangings are some of the only options you have without running into "drop down acoustic baffles". What in the world do they mean? If your family has a unique or aesthetically pleasing surname it might be all you need. House names. Come on! Take a look at these awesome farm logos for inspiration. So, of course, we wanted them to hop on the train. The question becomes, how to understand what works, and what doesn’t. You’ll need to go through this yourself, but this template gives you a good way to approach naming your farm. My great-aunt owned a store called Bonny Brae (after my great-grandpa's dairy business, Bonny Brae Dairy). Some give a hint of what the business does, such as BMW’s ultimate driving machine, Wheaties “Breakfast of Champions” or Maxwell Houses’s “good to the last drop.”. And they continued this approach using local landmarks for the naming of their products, and the approach has served them well. My great aunt had a place called Echo Hills but they had an echo from their front porch.... mosquito blossom brook. I have used a Thesaurus for about every descriptive word that I like the meaning. Small Farm Nation creates beautiful farm websites and offers  online farm marketing courses that help farmers grow profitable farm businesses. 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