I feel most comfortable getting the Rode M5 as it seems they have a very wide acceptance, but I'm hoping to get some real world feedback on these choices (or any other suggestions). Sales & Expert advice 800.606.6969 or 212.444.6615. They are all roughly the same price - "very cheap" (though the NT5 is a bit more), but what I was wondering is what would be the best choice for recording dialogue from a practical point of view, not only sound quality. Sort: Clear All. Samson C02 comes along with shock-mounted mic clips and a carrying case, while Behringer C2 features custom stand adapters, a stereo mounting bar, a transport case, and windscreens. Rode NT5 Matched Pair. Add at least two items to compare. 1. Live Chat. What makes the NT5 … Rode NT5 delivers professional studio quality but in a relatively low price. Common wisdom states…that with small diaphragm condensers… Your best bet is usually a matched pair. Rode M5 and Rode NT5 are two pairs of condenser microphones often used for the stereo recording of live performances, choirs, as well as studio projects. Samson C02 Vs Behringer C2 Conclusion Behringer C2 is indeed an excellent, feature-packed product. And for under $500, there’s no pair that even comes close to the Rode NT5’s. Dave Customer Service … Contact Us. Back to Product List. Has anyone tried the Samson C02's which are also a matched pair, i mean are they really much better then the behringer's. Just keep in mind that our budget tops out at $200 for a pair. Another affordable small diaphragm condenser microphone great for both studio and live shows. I will eventually invest in some decent Small diaphram condensers like the Rode Nt5's. Print Email. Unfortunately, the humming is a little bit annoying. Rode M5 is available at a significantly lower price point, and yet it is glowing with lots of positive reviews. Samson C02 - about $105 for the pair. It is perfect for capturing acoustic sound, no matter is piano, choir or drum overhead, Rode NT5 … Comparing Rode NT5 vs Samson C02 vs Rode NTG1 vs Rode NTG2 . If you’re familiar with RODE, then you know their reputation for manufacturing high-end mics at mid-range prices. Samson C02. It is praised for the excellent sound accuracy and detail. I was considering these three mics: Rode NT5, CAD CM217, Samson C02. No items to compare. Rode NT5 (Matched Pair) This Microphone is a definite step up from the Rode M5, but it’s also worth almost twice as much.

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