Traditionally, three Japanese cedar planks are tied into a narrow teepee and the interior is lit on fire before cooling it with water. Pieter was Spruce wood comes in various colors, ranging from light yellow, creamy white to red-brown. DARK GREY. Unlike actual shou sugi ban, no fire is used to create Faux Sugi Ban; instead, we utilize a finishing process along with the reclaimed wood’s natural patina and texture to create a burnt appearance. LIGHT GREY. Add to wishlist. Depending on species, duration and intensity of the flame, and whether and how they are brushed after the flame, the surface effect will vary. Prefinished Oak Flooring Sample Box $ 20.00. Our Shou Sugi Ban wood includes Western Red Cedar, Red Oak, Eastern White Pine, and Cypress. Shou Sugi Ban CH-SYP-6E. Also known as yakisugi – it began as a way to fireproof fencing and façades of rural homes and storehouses. This Japanese architect frequently uses the traditional technique of Shou Sugi Ban in his work. TerraMai’s Shou Sugi Ban. We supply sustainable timbers in standard and bespoke profiles, in volumes and dimensions to meet your specification. In 2008 Pieter Weijnen visited the Venice Biennale as an architect where he became acquainted with the work of Terunobu Fujimori. Can’t find the right dimensions? Shou sugi ban is the ancient Japanese technique that preserves wood by charring it. Zwarthout | Shou Sugi Ban is produced by Pieter Weijnen and our Zwarthout Team. Shou Sugi Ban CH-SYP-6C. Shou sugi ban is a Japanese term that means "charred cedar board." In this way the façade sections of Japanese wooden houses obtained a fire-retardant carbon layer. Quick View. DEGMEDA Shou Sugi Ban Pine Wood for Decking. Heart Pine, Yellow Pine, Reclaimed Pine, Hardwoods. Height (mm) Overall Width (mm) Face cover (mm) Length (mm) Clear: Quantity, m² € 0.00 / unit. Get in touch! Add to wishlist. Quick View. It’s of medium density and lightweight, making it ideal for most Shou sugi ban projects. Profile: Planed. Purveyors of wide plank flooring since 1984. Other types of wood that can be used to carry out Shou sugi ban include spruce, pine, and cedar. True to its name, shou sugi ban involves charring cedar planks, then burnishing the burnt wood with wire brushes and sandpaper before sealing it with natural oil. RED AMBER. Color Woo: AMBER. DARK BROWN. TerraMai’s line of Faux Sugi Ban® Paneling is an elegant, mess-free, and accessible solution to achieve shou sugi ban style in commercial spaces. Contact Us. Professional Shou Sugi Ban® Charred Timber Manufacturers. By applying the Shou Sugi Ban (‘burnt cypress’) technique, pine is charred on one side by binding 3 boards together in a chimney shape and lighting a fire inside the base. Our Shou Sugi Ban® charred timber cladding is produced by hand and to order.

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