Beautiful French Alps and ongoin, DEGMEDA Shou Sugi Ban Pine Wood for Decking. So, the choice of wood for artisans from the Orient in the old days was obvious – Cedar wood. And it does all that, because the charring process makes wood fireproof and waterproof. This wood processing technique has been in practice for centuries. We offer flexible cost and pricing options for all of our clients. To turn regular timber into Shou Sugi Ban, you need to achieve a staggering – 1100 degrees Celsius. Even though we emphasized the best qualities of charred wood cladding on paper, we feel like we have to back those claims up. You have probably noticed the huge trend of naturalness in interior and exterior design. Flames eliminate organic compounds and shrink the many pores, present on the surface. Yakisugi enhances timber and burnt Shou Sugi Ban wood siding becomes much more resistant to environmental factors, moisture, vermin as well as other threats that might befall on a façade. We can find appropriate solutions to help with the installation of Burnt Wood Cladding boards. Secondly – the charred wood cladding looks much brighter, more profound, and has a more premium feel when compared to regular wood. Our interior shou-sugi-ban products always showcase the natural beauty of the wood, and the different processes we use create looks ranging from exotic and stunning to neutral and clean. Thus you can find homes with Yakisugi cladding in Sweden, the UK, the US, Canada and the rest of the developed world. Mount Fuji somewhere in the distance? Japan is known for a wild and unpredictable climate. If you happen to have any questions, suggestions, comments, or if something seems wrong – write us an email! Both bright and dark tones of Shou Sugi Ban wood can appear stunning in a vertical orientation. We offer products suitable for any style that are the perfect design element for commercial and residential interiors. #degmeda #charre, Did you know that we offer charred beams of variou, Ongoing project of a lovely family house in Åre, Perfection at its finest. It is beautiful and comfortable, meaning it can be marveled at and lived in. The burnt fiber crevasse shadows are subtle, and Gendai can either be installed with or without an oil prefinish. Whether it be the mild, rainy UK, Scandinavian winter wonderland, or anywhere else in the world – burnt wood cladding and siding will fit in. Because you cannot go wrong with something that has been around for millennia…. Traditionally, they use Sugi wood (also called Japanese cedar). The culture of the Far East and technology from this region have that certain allure, that undeniable charm which is sort of enchanting. A light brushing process knocks down the heavy soot layer and leaves a smooth, silky appearance. Superficial values and products overshadow the truly important things – beauty and comfort. When it comes to high-quality goods, you should look for a reputable supplier that can ensure more than just delivery of your burnt wood siding/cladding boards. The heavily-charred surface of the board makes the wood fire retardant as well as resistant to rot, insects and decay. This is natural. Finally, charred wood siding is treated with varnish for extra protection and glow. If not – all the same because Shou Sugi Ban Japanese cladding is supremely elegant and beautiful at the same time. What do you see? This technique has been widely used and proven in Japan for centuries, where the climate conditions range from semi-tropical to northern. Shou Sugi Ban siding combines the naturally insulative qualities of wood with the protection from insects, mold, and water damage that comes with the application of a carbonized outer layer. It is also worth to note that the houses with Cedar burnt wood siding elements are still intact to this date. All exterior shou sugi ban products can also be used in interior applications. The whole philosophy of Japanese artisans was to find the perfect solution which is durable yet beautiful. Others, however, were bold, completely out of the box even. Wood charring is an absolutely natural way of treating wood, also ensuring a pleasant aesthetic vision of the project. Everything begins with the selection of the right wood. If you do it alone, we highly recommend that you only hire contractors with proper work experience because Burnt Wood should be handled delicately and fitted correctly to ensure the highest quality and the most longevity. It is the crème de la crème. By making the finish of the wood look unique, they have created an exclusive trend of appearance that people tend to associate with the Land of the Rising Sun. We sell high-quality oils that you can use for Yakisugi Charred wood cladding. That isn’t it. Why? This is real. Thermo Ash | Burned & Brushed | Midnight Black, Douglas Fir | Tiger Smooth | Emerald Forest, Douglas Fir | Tiger Smooth | Mountain Gray, Douglas Fir | Vertical Grain | Burned & Brushed | Delta Black, French White Oak | San Jacinto | Sky Gray, Used for cladding, soffits, exterior ceilings and many other exterior applications, Sustainable, eco-friendly and FSC certified wood, Unique Natural Beauty – The charring process reveals a one-of-a-kind grain patterns, color and texture distinct to each individual board, The dense and durable surface is suitable for high traffic areas, Used for accent walls, paneling, ceilings and more, European engineered flooring, hand-finished onsite, Flooring comes prefinished, ready for installation. To say that it is still elegant and relevant is an understatement. Upper echelon. It is a beautiful feat that only Yakisugi achieves, and no one can duplicate. Our CharWood Siding comes in five different finishes – Midnight, Ebony Char, Silvertip, Sage, and lightest “Tiger” Char. Yes, the traditional Japanese home has a wood siding. Degmeda is a company that encourages and promotes responsible forestry. Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi) are UV resistant, weather resistant, rot resistant, and bug resistant, and can last upwards of 80 years with little to no maintenance. 2020 Degmeda. All of our exterior products are designed to preserve the tradition of shou-sugi-ban while meeting the high demands of modern architecture. They are unique from most other houses in the world. Gendai is the most commonly specified yakisugi “shou sugi ban” surface for exterior applications. Delta’s charred flooring line starts with the finest engineered European hardwood flooring. Our clients’ have very different ideas and visions. Western red cedar is a renewable resource (and we offer FSC Certified Sustainable options), and it doesn't contain any nasty chemicals that are released into the environment or your house. In order to ensure the natural preservation properties of the charred wood and preserve the initial result for as long as possible, it is essential to periodically treat the wooden facade with specific oils. Most people notice it before being familiar with the alterations in the physical characteristics of Shou Sugi Ban siding. So, the cladding has to withstand difficult tests of the environment – wind, heat, moisture. In addition, you can find a lot of different wood types ranging from Siberian Larch to Pine, colours, extending from bright tones to darkest shades, and many unique wood profiles and other configurable options that can allow us to produce top-notch Japanese Yakisugi exterior and interior boards for all clients all over the world. Shrunk pores are not able to absorb water, thus making regular wood very well defended from decomposition, moisture-damage, rotting, and thanks to the dissolution of sugar, also – vermin. It gives wood a more expressive colour, more visual appeal. Pointy roofs reflecting the sunset light? Luckily, we’ve been fortunate enough to help all of our clients turn their dreams and visions into reality.

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