Binti : I’m very happy to see you, too. Here are some English phrases you can use in a post office when you need to buy stamps, send mail, or use other services. : Want to learn English? I’m Clare, an English teacher and the founder of this site. Hi! Ragini : I’m fi ne. On the form, you have to specify what you are sending, how much it costs, and the address of where you are sending it to. Where are you going? All the phrases have sound, which has been professionally recorded by native speakers. During this English lesson you will learn the vocabulary for at the post office and how to a have a basic conversation at the post office. Here are two things for you: 10 Essential Fluency Phrases – Get the phrases for easy conversations NEW: Join The English Fluency Club – Get my 2 fluency programs + weekly challenges and group lessons A. Conversation 3 Ragini : Hello, Binti. Post office vocabulary Conversations about at the post office. Gita : Yes, it’s been ages since we met. At the post office vocabulary using pictures English lesson Learn the vocabulary for at the post office. At the post office she talks to the clerk. Using the Post Office; Conversation at the Bank; Travel by Taxi/Rent a Car; Staying in a Hotel; Getting Change, Lending and Borrowing Money; Shopping; Shopping 2 April 2012 (9) May 2012 (1) July 2012 (1) August 2012 (1) September 2012 (4) October 2012 (5) It is in the centre of the town. Practical English: At the post office / At the post office Air mail, please. Resource type: Dialogue, with audio Level: Pre-intermediate Practical English: At the post office / At the post office Air mail, please. The clerk was very helpful. 38. Want to improve your British or American English pronunciation and speak like a native? Two friends are in line at the post office and are losing their patience cause the line's m… ‎Show Intermediate English Conversations, Ep Conversations in English: The Post Office - Dec 26, 2011 ‎Listen to the following conversation to improve your English. Some people want to send packages. There are usually many people waiting in line. 41. B. 36. 37. It is in front of the bus station. And you? Sita : How have things been with you? The post office is usually a very busy place. Postal Service as an agency of the U.S. government. • At the post office • At the copy center • Leisure Time. 42. A post office sells stamps, registers letters and parcels, sends telegrams and receives money orders. It’s good to see you again. It is between our office and the supermarket. 40. After filling out the form and packing your box, you are ready to go back to the post office to send it. Conversation 4 Sita : I’m so happy to see you again, Gita. Letters posted at the post office and at various letter-boxes in the locality are collected and then dispatched to post office of their destination. She has a conversation with the post office clerk The Post Office Department was created in 1792 from Franklin's operation, elevated to a cabinet-level department in 1872, and transformed in 1971 into the U.S. Resource type: Role-play exercise, with audio Level: Upper-intermediate Practical English: At the post office / At the post office May 6, 2015 - Post office conversation Karen wants to post a parcel to Thailand. has all the English learning resources you need, from Practical English to Telephone English and Accounting English, all with audio. Translations available in 35 languages. Anita needed to buy some stamps and to send a package. They will have blank forms available next to the counter for anyone to take. Binti : Very well, thank you. This straight road will lead you to the hospital. It is behind the hospital. How are you? I can help you speak English more easily! Some people want to buy stamps. Turn left at … Example 1. 39. They all want to do different things. Round the corner from the post office.

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