It's frosted with a to-die-for chocolate cream cheese frosting, making it a fantastic birthday cake or an impressive dessert for dinner parties. —Bernice Taylor, Wilson, North Carolina Win your next bake sale or potluck event with these tender brownies. These tasty little Polish-style cookies are made with a rich-tasting cream cheese dough that chills in your fridge for an hour before being cut into shapes for baking. "This is simply delicious! Most cakes begin by beating butter and sugar together. You already know and love the rich, creamy structure and tangy flavor that cream cheese brings to cheesecakes. hopefuleesoon, Credit: abapplez, Credit: Caramelized Apricots with Whipped Cream, Cream Cheese and Spice Cookies Kooking. Allrecipes, Credit: Top them with fresh berries, slices of kiwi, chunks of pineapple, or other favorite fruit. "This cake was absolutely phenomenal," says little biscuits. Red Velvet Cake Truffles. One of the most popular cream cheese-based desserts is the almighty cheesecake. Yes, please! It's filled with an irresistible cream cheese filling that will keep you coming back for more. Or unwrap the cream and microwave it in short bursts, turning it over after each burst, until it's at room temperature. Simply chill and serve. "These are excellent! Coffee cake with fresh raspberries, a layer of lemony cream cheese filling, and sweet streusel topping makes an outstanding dessert to serve at brunch or a special treat for your crafting or scrapbooking club. boysproudmomma, Credit: Refrigerated crescent dough makes this pastry even easier to make. Credit: Directions Step 1 Plenty of applesauce makes this nicely spiced cake extra moist, while walnuts and raisins add great texture. Joanne Schmaltz-StockFood Creative-Getty Images. Remove from heat and spread on the strawberries when it is cool.". Add the fruit just before serving. rblake53, 15 Luscious Cream Cheese Desserts That Aren't Straight Up Cheesecake. It's a tall show-stopper with all the coffee and chocolate flavors you've come to expect from a traditional tiramisu. Serve up the ultimate autumn cheesecake with this rich and delicious recipe. Classic thumbprint cookies are made with rich butter and cream cheese dough and filled with your favorite jam or fruit preserves. And very easy to make. Related: Get tips to make the best cheesecakes. Follow the recipe for a homemade gingersnap and pecan crust or save time with prepared pastry. Dessert is easy with this layered cherry and cream dessert that requires no cooking. After you have made the swirls, and before you put in oven, VERY gently tap the pan on the counter to remove some bubbles that may have formed when swirling.". Beat in lemon juice and vanilla. Crispy churros get an upgrade coated in the classic chocolatey Oreo crumb, but the creamy dip is the real winner here. It's a show stopper than kids and adults with love. Heavy cream, cream cheese, and sugar are whipped into a fluffy filling and folded into a prepared pastry shell with crushed pineapples. Earn kudos for your baking skills when you make this extra-special, sweet-tart apple pie with a rich and delicious cream cheese pastry. Fold into peanut butter... with coarsely chopped peanuts. Most people won't think twice about serving basic cornbread when is on the table. Layer cream cheese into the shot glasses, alternating with layers of chocolate chips. SMClanton says, "I couldn't find the shells so i just used squares of puff pastry. Scotdog, Credit: But switching up your side dishes can bring a refreshing change to a classic comfort food dish. Leave the cream cheese wrapped in foil and submerge in warm water for 10 minute. Everyone I serve this dessert to, loves it," says Jackinmad. Celebrate peach season with this summery fruit dessert that resembles an upside-down cobbler. This is a delicious and beautiful presentation that is easy to put together and sure to impress," says hopefuleesoon. Sign up for our newsletter and get our cookbook! Kids will have fun helping you to put the thumbprint indentations in the center. The cream cheese frosting is flavored with vanilla extract. "This is an excellent recipe! Or unwrap the cream and microwave it in short bursts, turning it over after each burst, until it's at room temperature. 3. Combine and bring to a boil stirring constantly. Make them easily in well under an hour with cocoa powder, cream cheese, unsweetened baking chocolate, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and just a little salt. It's got a vanilla pudding center and a rich, sweetened cream cheese topping. Be sure to weigh the whipped cream cheese rather than measure it with a cup or spoon.

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