Fukushima: Scary Mutant Fruits & Vegetables. These slits are needed because you have to pack extra salt around the joint so the fluid will draw out. If it is not firm it is because there is still too much fluid left in the ham. Once smoking is completed, they are stored in the smokehouse for days for the flavors to permeate the meat thoroughly. The first step to preparing a country ham is removing the excess salt. This gets the salt out of the way and allows more to come out. If you are unable to raise your own hog many local custom slaughterhouses can help you find a producer you can purchase a hog from so you too can have your own fresh pork and enjoy the process of curing your own meat. You recreate the seasons when you cure country ham,” says Rufus Brown, proprietor of Johnston County Hams in Smithfield, North Carolina. A cooler works perfectly for this as it provides enough space and keeps the temperature under control. These carefully prepared hams make for the perfect gift or flavor-packed centerpiece for a special meal. A good baste for a country ham should be sweet and acidic. Soak the ham slices before cooking in cold water for up to an hour. You can glaze with maple syrup. To follow this process, do not use what is referred to as a 'City Ham.'. At each joint, cut slits down to the bone. When you change the water you should also give the ham a quick rinse to get any salt off the surface. Step 2 - Prepare the Offset Smoker and Wood. Smoked Ham. Next, set up the offset smoker with charcoal for indirect cooking. Today processes may vary but essentially this ham is salty and dry. At a low grilling temperature of about 300 F, your ham should be finished in 3 to 4 hours. A country ham typically already has a smoky flavor to it. No? Keep the temperature around 40 F for the best result. The soaking will rehydrate the ham and make it more edible. Place the ham on top of the layer of mix. How to Cook Country Ham in an Electric Smoker Step 1. If you are going to smoke your country ham, keep the smoke levels low. Smoke the Ham Place the ham in the smoker either by itself or right along with a christmas turkey and let it smoke at around 225 degrees for 3-5 hours. Curing hams used to be the best way to preserve pork before there was reliable refrigeration. You should also baste your ham periodically to prevent it from drying out. Baste frequently and keep the temperature around 250 F for 5 to 6 hours. This ham is salty, but it also has a sweet, buttery edge that’s unique to slow curing and aging. Although you can dry-cure your ham, most hams are wet-cured. This makes them too salty for consumption. This dry rub mix recipe has been in my family and handed down for generations. Pack the slits you made at the joints with the curing mix. Jackfruit: Tastes Like Pulled Pork? If freezing, slice the ham and freeze or freeze whole. While the ham is ready to eat, it may have been exposed to bacteria while immersed in water so, cooking it at this point is important. (Video). Adding too much smoke can make it bitter. Otherwise, you could spoil the ham. Step 3 - … If you have a small ham, around 4 to 5 pounds this might be okay but some like to soak the ham for a long time, about 2 to 3 days. A country ham typically already has a smoky flavor to it. Simply apply a thin layer of regular yellow mustard onto the ham, sprinkle a cup or so of my rub recipe on the ham and massage it into the meat all over the ham making sure to get into every nook and cranny. Uncooked, Bone-In Country Ham. Now, this might sound like a bad thing but really it isn't. Classic bone-in Country Ham, aged 4-6 months and smoked with hickory wood. Rufus learned the craft from his father, who was a master curer, and he insists on keeping things hands-on, just as his father did. Check out their Youtube channel at:https://www.youtube.com/user/KYAfield. Country hams are salt-preserved, meaning that they are dried in salt. How to cure and smoke country ham...the old fashioned way. This dry rub mix recipe has been in my family and handed down for generations. There different types of ham on the market and a lot of ham-like cuts that producers attempt to pass off as ham. Check out their Youtube channel at: Plastic tray to use during curing process. Some say it's necessary to soak a country ham for about 6 to 12 hours. This bed of curing mix should be ¼” – ½” deep. A country ham looks dried up and can be caked in mold. Instead of being rubbed with salt and sodium nitrite, they are submerged in a curing brine for about a week. Of course, you can go longer but the benefit of smoking declines over time. The Spruce Eats uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. You’ll have plenty of extra time to prepare other items for your holiday feast. Broadbent's The ideal biscuit ham--not too dry, not too moist--ready for serving. When you open up your country ham you might not like what you find. Take a fresh ham with skin on, wash off in water and pat dry. Baste frequently and keep the temperature around 250 F for 5 to 6 hours. For every 2 cups of curing salt add: 1 cup brown sugar 1 tablespoon red pepper 1 tablespoon black pepper If you don’t have a fresh ham from your own hog you can find fresh ham at a meat market or packing house. (Do not use metal), Refrigerator (preferably an old refrigerator that can be sacrificed to the salt curing process. Once the soaking process is complete, it is time to cook the country ham. If you put your ham on a grill you will want to cook it indirectly at a low temperature. The salt will ruin the metal parts inside of the unit including the gills that disperse the cool air. There are two joints, the H-bone(hip) and the hock. You'll want to use the good stuff on a country ham...real maple syrup...you don't want to … If ham is ready to be smoked, thoroughly rinse off the salt and pat dry before smoking. Country ham is usually hanging in a cloth bag. If you are going to put this ham in the smoker it has to be firm to the touch. Sitting around, curing for several months causes this moldy appearance. Remember the ham you buy at the grocery has already been cured and/or smoked. Meanwhile, the salt and sodium nitrite in the liquid brine cure the meat, halting harmful bacteria and turning the meat slightly pink. Derrick Riches is a grilling and barbecue expert. You might have noticed that this process takes time. Smoke low & slow @ ~225* until desired temp is reached. You should put a pan of water under the ham to catch any drippings, but more importantly, to keep the cooking environment moist. A fresh ham is exactly that, a ham fresh from the hog. I know those recipes that get handed down are because they’re just that good. Watch This! Consider this a reverse brining. A fresh ham is exactly that, a ham fresh from the hog. Silk keeps fruit fresh without refrigeration. Other products include lard, bacon, ham, ham hocks, sausage and souse meat. You can go on to the next step. It will first be brined to prevent the growth of bacteria during the smoking process, then slow-cooked at low temperatures, also known as cold-smoking. Country ham can be forgiving but letting it burn up on the grill is unforgivable. Or, simmer the ham slice in a little water in the frying pan and then remove the water and continue cooking. Country ham heark­ens back to a time before refrigeration, when meat was rubbed with salt, hung to cure, and, in the process, underwent the changes in temperature typical of any agricultural year, with the ham finally ready to eat at Christmas.

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