Rearrange the wires in a well-mannered way to prevent distortion. you can fix this problem by checking the blown fuse and then fix it. You can check both speakers and woofer individually by visual inspection. 3) If you don?t hear any voice in the subwoofers then wiring could be the culprit and check the wiring setting that connecting well or not. 3) When dealing with Car Amp Turns On but No Sound from Subs. Ensure the soundbar is receiving Dolby/DTS audio for better audio quality. Now check that now it giving distortion sound if not then you have resolved your problem. If it again blows out then it means the problem is in the wiring of the amplifier. Same like it if your remote is on but wires have do not power then it means it will not give the power. ?This can b caused by overpowering or under power subwoofers. When the amplifier does not get enough power for the subwoofer it provides sound like clipping, which means cutting sound. For today’s question, Car Amp Turns On but No Sound from Subs, this section is a must-read: How to Test a Car Amplifier with a Multimeter? When these lights on it mean that you have faulty components or woofers, subwoofers cable, or other components that are connected with it. How to check problems in amplifier? if everything is ok to head unit working well and turned on volume is turned on and high volume and make sure about the input device like USB or CD drive. 5) Keep the woofers well-mounted so they cannot move. HOME > FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) >. Remove that wire from the fuse and make it clean. Reasons for Subwoofers to Stop Working By Rebecca Burdick Subwoofers, like any speakers, can fail for numerous reasons. ?You can check the problem by unplugging woofers wires from the amplifier if lights off then it means the problem is in the woofers then change the woofers. In this way, you can check which woofers giving you a problem and then replace that woofer. Make sure that the amplifier is power on. If it is a poor connection or not connected then the amplifier will not work properly. It can be caused by incorrectly installed subwoofers. Proceed to Step A if the subwoofer and surround speakers are working now. Visit HERE to re-link the subwoofer to the soundbar. If you are unable to power on the subwoofer at all, contact Visit HERE for advanced subwoofer troubleshooting link. Problems in the car audio system can be caused by: In this article, our editors have explained common problems with car amplifier that results in low-quality sound from subwoofers. If it is a poor connection or not connected then the amplifier will not work properly. 3) now check the fuse with millimeter that will tell you either it is okay or not. The remote wires act an essential role in this system. Proceed to Step 8 if the subwoofer is working but one of surround speakers are NOT working. A. This problem can be caused by a broken amplifier and should be checked at the time. This type of amplifier needs to upgrade. Power wire could be shorted or damaged due to which it will not supply sufficient current to the amplifier. You should properly adjust car stereo settings for a better sound experience. Sometimes subwoofers do not take output because the power button of remote is off. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. In this part, our editors have explained common problems in the car amplifier that results in no sound from the subwoofers. Inspect the wires carefully and if they are arranged well and still distortion sound is present then unplug the wires.

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