It discovers that the entire flow of recyclable food-grade PET will meet only a small fraction of its demand, thus constraining its ability to respond to changing consumer sentiment and meet its sustainability aspirations. A sustainable business model that enables resilience, durability, and value creation through changing business, societal, and investor contexts has the following characteristics: These nine properties articulate the goals of SBM-I and form the basis for stress-testing the quality of a business model. Second, go beyond single trends and build strategic materiality scenarios. Despite the growing significance of this area, there has been limited research on the link between coworking and innovation among young firms. Related Expertise: Energize the brand. In other cases, collective action across sectors is needed, for instance, to restructure recycling systems to enable greater penetration of waste-to-value business models. Next, it connects business model innovations back to the core drivers of business advantage and financial performance in order to assess how they can deliver both value and sustainability. More mature stages include driving compliance through incremental improvement of business processes, undertaking single-point innovations for sustainability in response to new compliance or stakeholder pressures, and ultimately, pursuing sustainable business model innovation. A 45,000-ton-capacity facility employing 300 skilled factory workers was built with cofunding by DSM and international donors. First, try exploring the implications of taking a current trend to its limits. Danone’s “One Planet. Corporations are making significant progress in addressing sustainability. This oversight is not entirely surprising. The capability to rapidly and successfully move into new business models is an important source of sustainable competitive advantage and a key leverage to improve the sustainability performance of organisations. A case in point is a metals company that further processes the byproducts of its refining operations into roadway aggregates to reduce waste and quarrying demand and improve roadway longevity. Today, every product the company creates is 100% carbon neutral and it links that explicitly to differentiation and growth. Build across sectors. Few companies are positioned on the far right of the spectrum, a requirement for them to win through the ‘20s. Instead of measuring action and progress against a strategic plan, ESG metrics have become an end in themselves. The Institute engages leaders in provocative discussion and experimentation to expand the boundaries of business theory and practice and to translate innovative ideas from within and beyond business. The company promotes products that hit scientific nutrition targets, sets sales targets on nutritious products, educates some 35 million consumers on healthy diets and lifestyles, trains all its employees on nutrition and hydration, and ensures that everything is done with end-to-end sustainability in mind. Further, some solutions will only be possible with industry and government collaboration. It scales effectively without diminishing returns or increasing the risk of failure. In this way, strategy and sustainability are jointly considered and become mutually reinforcing, reporting gives way to action, and a company-centric approach gives way to a multilevel approach and new models of competition and sustainable value creation. This special issue is now open for submission. To do so, we suggest that leaders reimagine corporate strategy by creating new modes of differentiation, embedding societal value into products and services, reimagining business models for sustainability, managing to new measures of performance, and reshaping business ecosystems to support these initiatives. All rights reserved. It may also be possible to reimagine production networks against total environmental and societal costs, or to capture local waste streams as new feedstocks into preprocessing. Throughout the process, we therefore identify the critical parameters that will allow for continuous assessment and improvement and help the company communicate value to its stakeholders and investors. Generic ESG metrics across industries are too coarse-grained to be closely aligned with any particular firm’s capabilities and strategy.

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