Horse chestnuts are the ones commonly found in forests and backyards. Chestnuts are in season from October to December. Chestnut recipes. See recipes for Kuri Kinton (Chestnut and Sweet Potato Kinton) too. Seriously, it’s our favorite stuffing and the only one I make now. The sweet and nutty flavour of chestnuts coupled with their unique, soft texture makes them a great addition to a number of sweet and savoury dishes. 30 homemade recipes for candied chestnuts from the biggest global cooking community! Apr 26, 2016 2:00pm The chestnut season is upon us and we've got an array of recipes you'll love. Bake until skin peels away from chestnut, 20 to 25 minutes. Want to learn how cook chestnuts at home? Take a look at our chestnut guide, here. An edible chestnut is easiest to spot if it is still in its husk, which is spiny and needle-sharp. Forage for your own or use shop-bought chestnuts and use them in these recipes. Edible sweet chestnut (left) and poisonous horse chestnut (right) The delicious aroma of roasting chestnuts is a true winter delight, but this wild food – essentially free if you just go out and look for it – is not as popular in Britain as elsewhere in Europe. The toxic, inedible chestnut, also called the horse chestnut, has a husk that is much smoother, with only a few warts. Place chestnuts on top shelf of oven and baking sheet with water on the bottom shelf, directly below the chestnuts. The edges are golden and crunchy, the inside is soft. This is the best stuffing recipe ever!

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