We've come to be relied upon by many as a dependable source for the unique seeds and botanicals they are looking for. My Tagetes lucida was winter sown and grew from seed. It is also known as Spanish Tarragon, which is held in contrast to French Tarragon. Tagetes lucida Mexican Marigold, Pericon, Yauhtli This Sun herb is a perennial marigold. Clusters of petite yellow blooms all season. Tender annuals are warm weather plants that cannot withstand any frost and prefer warm nights. Family: Aster (Asteracea) Hardy to Zones 6 to 10. is a perennial plant native to Mexico and Central America.It is used as a medicinal plant and as a culinary herb.The leaves have a tarragon-like flavor, with hints of anise, and it has entered the nursery trade in North America as a tarragon substitute. Tender annuals with long weeks to bloom (16-18+) should be started indoors 8-10 weeks before the last spring frost. Tagetes lucida (Tagète, ou Estragon du Mexique aussi connu comme Yauhtli) est de la famille du tournesol. : Attracts hummingbirds A pleasant anise-flavoured tea can be brewed using the dried leaves and flower heads. C'est une plante verte avec petites fleurs jaunes-oranges, qui pousse dans le Sierra Madre du Mexique, où on en fait du thé pour prévenir les troubles de l'estomac ou la … This difficulty is compounded by the fact that most Tagetes have double flowers, are almost always yellow in color, with either five distinct petals or filled with smaller petals to some degree, and most have pinnate leaves. It was reportedly used as a flavoring to mask the bitterness of raw cocoa in the Aztec foaming drink called, “Cocolatl.” Tagetes Lucida is a half-hardy perennial, which can be grown outdoors all year round to about zone 8. Elsewhere, it should be treated as an annual. Well worth growing - why not try it for a change this year? A winner in our trials, it looked perfect all summer and fall, not bothered by weather extremes or insects. Les Tagetes sont des annuelles au feuillage très parfumé reglisse/estragon qui peut être utilisé en tisane ou en condiment. : Heat and/or drought tolerant Traditionally it is used as a medicinal and entheogenic/ shamanic plant and as a culinary herb. Growing Information: Tagetes lucida likes a fertile, well-drained soil. : Great for containers Graines de ESTRAGON DU MEXIQUE (Tagetes lucida) 50 graines par sachet. Soil: Regular to rich, moist, well-drained, My Growing Zone En stock Télécharger la fiche de culture en PDF Voir les conseils de semis. We cannot replace lost or seized items. The flavor is not as pronounced as anise and goes well in soups. We specialize in medicinal herbs and ethnobotanicals. : Deer-resistant Place your plants in full sun for best results, although partial shade is tolerable. At this point, we stock over 600 unique products. In Mexico, it is believed that T. lucida promotes lactation, and it is also added to bath water to help relieve the symptoms of rheumatism (Siegel et al. Plants should be spaced about 12”-18” apart. C'est une plante verte avec petites fleurs jaunes-oranges, qui pousse dans le Sierra Madre du Mexique, où on en fait du thé pour prévenir les troubles de l'estomac ou la gueule de bois, ou comme calmant. Introduced in 1798, it once was known as Sweet-Scented Chili Marigold, but today is more commanly known as Mexican Tarragon. Uses: Ornamental, culinary. You will be required to confirm that you agree to these terms before items can be sent. Removing the spent flower heads will promote flowering as well. Tagetes lucida (Tagète, ou Estragon du Mexique aussi connu comme Yauhtli) est de la famille du tournesol. They can also be sown outdoors after the last frost at a depth of 1/8”. Au pieds des tomates, elle repousse les insectes et les nématodes. Starting indoors is best to get a good start on the growing season. Tagetes lucida extract was specifically used to treat people who were struck by lightning. Sow seeds at a depth of 1/8” about 6-8 weeks before the last frost. An anise-flavored tea, made from the leaves and flowering tops, is very popular in Latin America. I had it in a part sun spot, moved, and relocated to a full sun in which is flourished to a small bushy plant. Hardy annuals can stand some frost, so sow in the open ground well before the last spring frost date, or, in warm winter areas, sow in fall. It can be used fresh or dried, although fresh material is more potent. 2,45 € Le sachet de 20 graines au lieu de Le sachet de 20 graines . Tagetes lucida is a perennial plant native to Mexico and Central America. Sign up for newsletter today. 1977). Chez les Mayas des hauts-plateaux du Mexique, Tagetes lucida pousse à une altitude variant de 1000 à 2700 m. C’est l’une des plantes majeures de leur pharmacopée et elle est avant tout utilisée pour soigner les douleurs abdominales, les douleurs épigastriques, la diarrhée, les troubles mentaux, les rhumatismes, l’arthrite. Our passion has always been to collect and offer as many unique products as we can. Traditional usage (TWM): Colds. My is not as erect as some other pics but i love the smell on it, its tarragon afterall. In modern times, the fresh herbage is made into a tea to treat stomach pains and abdominal cramps. : Native Flower. This has been especially true for international buyers who have a harder time finding the types of products we offer. Half-hardy annuals will survive a very light frost but are planted in the open at the last spring frost date or a little later. BTW my flower pics are blooming as of Nov 6, 2009, year#2 from wintersown seed in a soda bottle! Cette plante est réputée pour remplacer l’estragon sous les climats chauds. The Aztecs used it in ceremonies related to the dead, but Huichol Indians traditionally combined this plant with Nicotiana rustica in a smoking mixture used when taking peyote or other hallucinogens in order to induce clearer and less frightening visions. : Scented leaves Mexican Tarragon (Tagetes lucida) Santa Maria, Yerba Anis, Mexican Marigold, African Marigold, Sweet Mace, Pericon ... they will take root, causing plants to spread.

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