None of the other TJ’s marinaras come close. Another employee said it was because the supplier raised the price.This was not only high quality sauce but a great deal. It’s why I go to Trader Joe’s. Please bring it back. I now have one less reason to shop there and will need to find a suitable replacement elsewhere as none of TJ’s other offerings measure up. BRING IT BACK! My family has loved this marinara sauce for literally YEARS. This sauce is beyond perfect! I felt as though it was a personal hit to my pantry! Pandemic food casualty: Hey Costco, where’s my low-salt Thanksgiving turkey? I’m freaking. It has been a staple in my pantry for years! Yes, please bring it back. This was the greatest canned marinara sauce around! Bring it back please. ( Log Out /  Cholesterol 0mg. I’m not interested in the current alternative available at TJ’s. It was my go-to for pizza sauce, meat sauce, lasagna, etc. Hope you are listening to your customers and will consider bringing it back. Social media is a powerful tool to boycott Trader Joe’s until you bring this sauce back. Anyone else have a suggestion? Pleass bring back! What?????????? Very very disappointed. This was by far my favorite, I’m so sad that they discontinued it and none of there other sauces are even close to the flavor and texture! Bring it back! Please bring back the Trader Joe’s Low Fat Tuscano Marinara Sauce. I’ve bought Muir Glen and also found some house brand salt-free sauce at my local Jewel. Inside Trader Joe's - a Podcast - episode 30 available From our humble beginnings as a small chain of eclectic Southern California convenience stores, Trader Joe’s has grown to become a national chain of 514 (and counting) neighborhood grocery stores, employing more than 45,000 Crew Members. WHY???? I wrote last year about finding a low-salt pre-made tomato sauce for the days when I don’t have any of my home-made version frozen and ready to use or don’t have the time to make some from scratch. I’ll join the chorus of others urging Trader Joes to PLEASE bring back this sauce! It was so fresh tasting. I really liked the predominance of herbs. By reading all the reviews it would seem everyone gives it a 5 star and yet you guys stop carrying it. I shopped with you specifically for this product and just happened to fill my cart with other goodies… but now … change your name to Aldis. Rating: Name: Search for: What’s New. This has been my go-to sauce for years. It was so easY, fast and delicious! Please do bring it back! There are no reviews yet. Christian Seyster My wife and I would used to drive and hour and 20 minutes to get this sauce from Trader Joe’s. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I always stocked up on it every time I went to TJ’s. This was one of them. The Trader Joe’s Chicken Parmigiana with Marinara Sauce left us with some mixed feelings. This sauce is scrumptious! Please bring it back! Trader Joe’s Low Fat Tuscano Marinara Sauce Reviews, Trader Joe's Low Fat Tuscano Marinara Sauce Reviews, Trader Joe's Dark Morello Cherries Reviews, Trader Joe's Mini Gingerbread Men Cookies Reviews, Trader Joe's Cranberry Orange Relish Reviews, Trader Joe's Light Cream Cheese Brick Reviews, Trader Joe's Swiss & Gruyere Cheese Fondue Reviews, Trader Joe's Stone Ground Wheat Crackers Reviews. I told the store to please raise the price and bring it back! Please bring this wonderful marinara back! I used it to make my low-fat, low-salt version of chicken marinara, adding some salt-free chopped tomatoes to stretch the jar of sauce a bit so it would coat six chicken breasts. Now what? A very disappointed TJ’s fan. PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!! They both were delicious. I adored this sauce! Please bring it back! I found out today that they discontinued! Amount Per Serving. I hope the powers that be will bring back my beloved sauce! Most of my T.J. shopping lists for years have begun with Tuscano Marinara Sauce. Why on earth was it discontinued? Best tasting, seems like it was freshly cooked. This is the only sauce I bought until it was discontinued, even making trips to Trader Joe’s just for this product. Recently, though, I saw another choice at Trader Joe’s, its private label marinara sauce with no salt added.Trader Joe’s organic low-salt marinara sauce was a bit peppery for my taste but will do in a pinch. My nearest Trader Joes is an hour and a half away and last time I was there I got three of these. Thats poor upper management to not tell your stores why. While all of the extras — the breading, sauce, and cheese — are great, the meat itself is lower in quality than we’d expect from Trader Joe’s. I, for one, certainly won’t mind ! Trader Joe’s, what happened? When I use this product, without tomato puree, I do not have the stomach issues that other sauces cause me. Why have you discontinued. PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!!!! This is my favorite sauce and now Trader Joes discontinued it. But it’s discontinued. If so, we know who to thank…. Because I like it so much, Trader Joe’s has discontinued this Marinara Sauce. Please bring it back ASAP. I was devastated that this sauce was discontinued as it was a KILLER sauce! I never leave the store without four cans of it, if not six. I can mix it with anything and it makes it better, deeper, richer. Bring it back please. Kenneth Aaron Brown I used my last can last week. Recipes From My Little Reliable Organised Cooking Kitchen. TJ’s please bring this marinara back? This is one of my go-to sauces! Made the trip and hoped to stock up. Trader Joe's Organic Low Sodium Marinara Sauce. I grew up on this sauce and has been a staple in my household for years. I won’t need to shop there nearly as often. Please bring back the Tuscano Marinara sauce. Soon, please! We used it not only on pasta but also as base for salsa. This was was a major mistake. It stood apart from the others because it doesn’t have that generic taste that all canned or jarred sauces have. Calories % Daily Value* 1%. Please bring it back!!!! Trader Joe’s please bring back your Tuscano Marinara! Serving Size. Really! Please! Intimate theater showcasing emerging talent. They’re the best I’ve found, and the main reason I continue to make the trek to Trader Joe’s even though I no longer live near one. There is nothing comparable to replace it in your stores, I have tried the others on the shelf in your stores and they are not good. Your email address will not be published. Have a dozen options in jars but had to eliminate a staple? I would like you to bring this back to the products you sell. Great quality at great prices. It feels like my best friend moved away. Please bring back your wonderful Tuscano Marinara. He said that TJ’s was very disappointed and taste-tested many different sauces to try to find a replacement, but nothing else was as good. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I’m went in to my locat TJ’s and asked what happened to this sauce and oddly nobody knew what I was talking about… like the product never existed. I cannot believe it!!! Home-made is still the best, but if you need some tomato sauce quickly, either of these is an option. Next to go will be the canned marinara in the green labeled can because they have moved it to the bottom shelf, if like that one better stock up. It is my favorite marinara sauce and irreplaceable. Why not put a knife in my heart?!!! I returned it for a refund…the above manager agreed it doesn’t begin to compare to Tuscano Marinara Sauce. Please, please bring this back (and the breaded eggplant cutlets while you are at it!). ( Log Out /  Like many ingredient offerings that go low-salt, the makers here may have thought pepper was a good substitute. I was so happy to stumble across all of these reviews. Please please please bring back the Tuscano and the green can marinara sauces! It was great for sausage sandwiches and a quick meal if needed. I’m **&^^ OFF!!!! Please for the love of all that is good and holy, please bring back the Trader Giotto’s low fat Tuscano Marinara!!!!! TJ’s, please bring it back. Please bring this sauce back.

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