By the end of the Kamakura period (1185–1333), as the custom of tea drinking spread throughout Japan and the Tenmoku chawan became desired by all ranks of society, the Japanese began to make their own copies in Seto (in present-day Aichi Prefecture). 4.6 out of 5 stars 4,543 $12.99 $ 12 . Japanese Green Tea Hibiki-an 36 Shimonoto Yuyadani Ujitawara, Kyoto 610-0221 Japan BambooWorx Japanese Tea Set, Matcha Whisk (Chasen), Traditional Scoop (Chashaku), Tea Spoon, The Perfect Set to Prepare a Traditional Cup of Matcha. Introduction of Japanese Tea Ceremony. Japanese tea ceremony is a kind of ritual service for guests in Japan. We carefully select teaware that are popular in Japan and perfectly suited for the preparation of your green tea. Elegant indigo flowers design, Clematis, Chrysanthemum and Japanese Clover. You will also find hand-made cups and bowls from famous kiln and pottery masters that are exclusively available on IKKYU. Tea utensils can be divided into five major categories: sōshoku dōgu (装飾道具, "decorative items"); temae dōgu (点前道具, "items for the tea-making and service"); kaiseki dōgu (懐石道具, "items for the chakaiseki meal"); mizuya dōgu (水屋道具, "items used in the preparation room") When people first see Sencha making, they are always astonished at the small size of the tea cup and few tea in it. Clearly, Japanese tea cups is a kind of important tea sets. Originally known as "tea soup". Blue and white cups are not used by those who give tea-tasting parties. 99 TEAPOT :11.5cm diameter x 11.7cm height Volume: 560ml Cups: 9.2cm diameter x 6.7cm height Volume : 220ml The tea pot has a filter inside for your favorite loose leaf tea. Beautiful Japanese teaware is essential to the preparation of green tea. Like other East Asian tea ceremonies, Japanese tea ceremony is a special culture developed mainly for tea tasting, but the content and form are … My Japanese Home, a reputed online store, deals in a wide range of authentic Japanese styled products like Japanese Tableware, Japanese Kitchen Tools, Japanese Living Room and Japanese Décor items. Tea utensils (chadōgu ()) are the tools and utensils used in chadō, the art of Japanese tea.. It is common sense for Sencha-making people in Japan that they shall be devoted to small size and exquisiteness, which shows the unique characteristics for making Sencha at that time. Set of two cups and teapot, made with off-white clay with a smooth finish and vibrant flower print.

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