(rate this video illustration) Buy Now $20.00 Free With 14 Day Trial In this clip, from Drive Thru History with Dave Stotts, "The Gospels," Jesus takes Peter, James and John up the mountain to witness the miracle of His transfiguration. Transfiguration of Jesus Video . Mar 7, 2020 - Bible Study for KidsImportant: This product is included in my Bible Bundle #1Matthew 17 and the Transfiguration of Jesus.This important passage in scripture shows us that Jesus is not that same as you and I. Jesus was transformed into a glorious image in which his face shone like the sun and his clothes became as white as the light. As he is transfigured, Peter puts his foot in his mouth again. Why do Moses and Elijah appear with Jesus on a mountain? I … Jesus’ Transfiguration is not just a magnificent scene in his life, it’s a sign of what Jesus wants to do in all of us, he wants us to share in his glory. He is the Son of God. Jesus meets with Moses and Elijah to the astonishment of his disciples. Background Study: You can also read about this event in Mark 9:2-13 and Luke 9:28-36. Watch and share this video for the answers. Sinai and Jesus at Mt. Today, Dr. Sri shows us the parallels between Moses at Mt. The Transfiguration. Matthew 17:2. More From This Episode > [See All] The ... Joy plans to get even with Barbara, who shared an embarrassing video about Joy. Tabor during the Transfiguration. Transfiguration Resources from … Transfiguration means “transformed”. What was Jesus’ Transfiguration and what can we learn from this important event in the New Testament today? transfiguration of jesus transfiguration Jimmy Akin Jimmy was born in Texas and grew up nominally Protestant, but at age 20 experienced a profound conversion to Christ.

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