Demonstrative Nouns 28 15. 2.3.2 Types of Pronouns in Arabic . 1. Basically, to say something belongs to you, you only add to the word of what you are talking about. In Arabic, the division of pronou ns can also be done according to the m eaning and usage. In Arabic Pronouns, Subject Pronoun Is More Specific Than Other Languages. In this post I’m going to elucidate further by explaining each category, Allah willing. Nouns: Dual Form 16 9. The Arabic Aphabet 4 2. The Nouns 12 7. Masculine sound plural nouns end in ون and feminine sound plural nouns end in ات. Usually, pronouns take the place of a noun and function as a subject of the sentence. 6. Prepositions 10. I mentioned the first type which was the pronoun. In our last post, I introduced the six types of definite nouns. Detached Pronouns II 24 13. 1-One category of … Detached Pronouns I 22 12. Vowels 5 3. Pronouns Part 1 Tables of Contents 1 Definition of Pronouns 2- Verb Forms According to Different Pronouns 3- Types of Pronouns 1 ( Independent Pronouns) 4- Formulas of Using Tasrif in Determining Pronouns & Verb Forms 5- Types of Pronouns 2 ( Attached Pronouns) 6-The Use of Attached Pronouns with Nouns & Verbs Definition of Pronouns What is pronoun? This is the case of possessive pronouns. Nouns: Singular Form 15 8. Nouns: Plural Form: Unbroken 18 10. In Arabic, there are two types of noun and adjective plural forms: sound (regular) plurals, and broken (irregular) plurals. Start studying Arabic Pronouns and their Types - اَلضَّمَائِرُ وَأَنْوَاعُهَا. The root of this word means to be hidden or separate, the plural… There are two types of pronouns in Arabic dictionary, one is Attach Pronoun, and the other is Detach Pronoun. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Arabic. Learning to correctly apply pronouns in your Arabic conversation may seem tough, but it’s one of the most important steps to achieving fluency in the language.. Nouns: Plural Form: Broken 20 11. Attached Pronouns 26 14. Learning Arabic can be difficult, since many of the sounds and the appearance of the language are quite different from English. Other Accents 8 Part II: NOUNS 4. Concerning the Arabic pronouns, there are certain types of pronouns that are not classified distinctly whether they belong to the syntactic or the semantic and pragmatic aspects of pronouns. They are divided into: Personal Pronouns . The Word 9 5. To the best of the researcher’s knowledge, the points of similarity and difference between the two languages are Attached Arabic pronouns (suffix type pronouns) These are the type of pronouns that do not have a stand-alone version and they will be present at the end of the word in the form of a suffix. The pronoun in Arabic is called الضّمِير.

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