List of Our 6 Favorite Root Vegetables January 23, 2017 . Root vegetables may not have the leafy green feel of vegetables, but they make up for that in color. When preparing carrots, for example, it is usual to cut off and discard their leaves, known as greens, and eat the long, orange roots. A root vegetable is defined as “a fleshy enlarged root of a plant used as a vegetable.” Common types of root vegetables … by Jacqueline Parisi Eat Turnips and parsnips and beets, oh my! Some vegetables of similar appearance, especially nonroot tubers, are occasionally incorrectly considered root vegetables. We’ve put together a list of root vegetables with all the recipes, tips, … Root vegetables are underground parts of plants that are edible. Here are 10 root vegetables with lots of culinary uses. Root vegetables are wonderful for soups and stews, and most are easy to grow. Consumption of root vegetables is common around the world. Many of these … They vary widely in form and structure, and are classified according to the part of the plant that is consumed as a vegetable. Root vegetables, also called tubers or starchy vegetables, are considered all veggies that grow underground.

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