DISCORD: https://discord.gg/kM6GnvW, Press J to jump to the feed. My friends always tell me to shut up because I always bring up concepts when we go shopping haha. Bus Admin is tough to get into. Econ classes are more on the side of theory (supply, demand, markets, game theory, etc.) Why? Since Bus Admin and Bus. Hi! Business admin is about accounting/marketing/management/finance Economics is economics. I'm in the same boat and would like to know how quickly I can get the requisites in order to transfer to Business Admin, because I read that you must be in a junior level standing. These areas include marketing, finance, accounting, human resources and business development. B.Econ for sure, better school, better degree as well. School requirements must be met and must include 20 courses as specified below. Economics 20A-B. Business Econ and Accounting minor here. You could do bus econ major and mgmt minor but mgmt minor doesnt have much impact on a resume tbh... instead, be bus admin and pick a concentration among general mgmt, accounting or marketing. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. At UCI, you could also get the accounting minor which is really common for Bus Econ majors. Workload is a lot less than Bus Econ with more interesting classes too. Bus Econ is just hard to get grades and boring as shit. Bus Admin- harder to get into, generally easier classes (there are exceptions of course), more interesting. I got into Business Econ but I'm might change depending on if I like it or not. Economics 25. My intern class had mostly CSUF students so job opportunities for public accounting are identical at both schools if Accounting is the career route you're looking into. Also looks better on a resume than Bus Econ because it is under the Paul Merage name, which is a nationally recognized MBA program. I'm trying to decide if I should stay at UCI and get a business econ degree (since business admin is basically off the table here) or transfer to fullerton and get a business admin one. Hope this helps! I was thinking about a management minor along with a business econ degree or a business econ undergrad and do business admin for MBA. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A place for UCI Anteaters, and anything UCI related. How would you say the amount of homework is for Bus Econ? 6 hours a day? What type of job are you shooting for? The Business Administration Pathway applies to the degree programs listed below. But how is the workload of both majors? Good luck, and congrats! Requirements for the BA in Business Administration. Major does not matter for MBA. I think they would be semi equal but I’d still give an edge to UCI tbh - Business Econ gets pretty much the same jobs as Bus Admin with a bit of networking here. ? Understand the basics of econ and place an emphasis on finance at CSUF. Econ require a few Econ classes, I say base on what you want to do from those classes! Probability and Statistics. Due to this, the school was ranked #1 out of all colleges and universities that offer this degree. I have a friend currently switching from BIM to Bus Admin and it's much more work to transfer (good GPA, essay, etc.) The Accounting and Management minors are difficult to get into as well. This is probably one of the most helpful comments I've received. Thank you so much and thanks for the helpful response as well. at Irvine; Business administration, B.S. Go with Bus Admin. * As Ryan P. Long said, a math degree or other quantitative field is much better, but they're also harder and you may or may not have the aptitude or desire to do it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Thank you for your response~. Basic Micro and Macroeconomics. Popularity of Managerial Economics at UC Irvine. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I would rather do business admin, but I would still be open to business econ (and hopefully an accounting minor) since I've been hearing that it opens very similar career paths. You may or may not be able to switch at SPOP for it (I don't remember). Any major is fine. Economics of Accounting Decisions. While business administration incorporates many economic ideas, a business administration degree tailors itself more narrowly than economics by focusing on how individual businesses run. There aren't that many Business majors at UCI though. I did Bus Econ with an Accounting minor and recruited into Big 4 Accounting. Like somebody said, for the big 4 at both schools are def possible if you’re interested in accounting. What are your opinions on a Business Econ major and a Management minor? at Berkeley; Business administration, B.S. A bachelor’s degree in business administration is a special degree shortened to BBA. I would say bus admin from CSUF. As for the business school courses, they are generally easier, but a lot more of them are more hands on and I think they can be applied more on the real world more than, say a game theory class (of course this is going off of what I have taken so far). Business administration is the study of how businesses function, and gives a broad introduction to the various areas of a business.

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