Combining continuous spells/traps with monster effects for devastating effect, Weather Painters banish themselves to bounce/destroy/banish other cards, only to return during the standby phase. So many combos can be made with this archetype with a ton of potential drawing power, Flower Cardian’s are seriously underrated. Doomking Balerdroch is insane, being easy to summon and capable of disrupting your opponent’s strategies. The Flower Cardian Tuner monsters can treat all Synchro materials as level 2 monsters, allowing you to summon their epic boss monster Lightflare with ease. They love to swarm, filling the field full of moderately powerful monsters, sporting decent ATK/DEF stats. Do you enjoy seeing people suffer? Well, Kuribohs aren’t competitively viable in any way, shape or form. Almost all of their monsters have powerful searching abilities, letting you add the monsters and/or equip spells you need to your hand. I remember way back in 2010, my friend had a Gravekeeper’s deck and it was nigh unstoppable. I’d love to make a Ghostrick deck, do any help regarding that will be very appreciated. F.A monsters increase their ATK by their levels x 300 and have additional effects that completely shut down your opponent’s strategies if they’re level 7 or higher. The release of the Impcantation archetype have given Rituals in general a new lease of life. As expected, cards like Arkbrave Dragon and others that banish spells will completely demolish Noble Knights so their viability is a bit niche! Gameplay wise, Orcusts fit well with World Legacy cards. A huge; no, massive weakness to being banished makes the Dragon Lords pretty much useless against certain decks though. I was looking up Magical Musketeers and like their artwork and style of play. Take a look at the ultimate list of budget decks in 2018, see below each entry for a recommended deck-list and price average! (Apart from Salamangreats of course), Orcust and Altergeist really Maybe Pendulum Magicians too (especially now with the Order of the Spellcasters structure deck), Your email address will not be published. With possibly one of the best armories of any archetype in the game, Magical Musketeers offer a ton of fun ways to play Yugioh. I, personally, run a Lunalight deck and I have to say, they are amazing. Capable of stalling, OTK’ing or controlling a duel from start to finish, this archetype is a great choice overall. This boss monster is one of the most awesome Warrior type monsters available and it deserves its own deck! You can have up to 3 copies so consistency wise, you’ll see it often. All Metaphys monsters other than their Normal monster and Executor (pictured) are happy to be banished. Blackwings: Like 2million variants exist, some are actually decent to be fair. It’s not uncommon for you to win even without summoning a monster, something your opponent will not appreciate as they barely got a chance to play! In addition to being powerful foes while on the field, especially against Extra Deck based monsters, they have some awesome effects when discarding them from your hand! Being able to flip all of your opponent’s monsters face-down during either player’s turn is crazy good. A much larger archetype in the OCG, Prank-Kids have finally come to the TCG, albeit with some members missing. However I'd still call this a really good deck! Over the years, Konami has given plenty of old archetypes some loving touch-ups. If you enjoy the archetype, I say go for it , Predaplants received some good new support though. On the other hand, my friend who uses them has described Mecha Phantom Beasts as being insanely fun, as their interaction with tokens cannot be found with any other archetype. Obviously it all comes down to preference, Cubics seem to be loved by everyone, though. When they’re in the graveyard, even high level Synchro monsters can special summon themselves if another is destroyed. Learn more about our use of cookies: cookie policy, Top 10 Best Yugioh Beast-Warrior Type Monsters, Top 10 Best Yugioh Cards for a Kuriboh Deck,, Top 10 Best Towers in Bloons Tower Defense, Top 10 Best Weapons in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Gravekeepers are a lot more powerful than you’re giving them credit for. You can literally buy 3 of Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck and get almost all the cards you need! Average deck price: $104/£78 (Wightmare takes up almost half of the budget so try and get it cheap somewhere). What about boarder stun? The extra deck consists of Fusion, Synchro, XYZ and Link monsters. It’s not uncommon to build this deck without any Spells/Traps at all, so making it doesn’t require expensive staples! Their main boss monster Orcustrion is actually quite insane, countering a ton of meta decks today. Of course, this archetype’s power has waned throughout the years. The entire Deskbot core is extremely cheap, very powerful (eve somewhat competitively) and fun to use. Of all the Machine archetypes in Yugioh, Ancient Gears are arguably the coolest. If you’re desperately struggling though, chain burn will alleviate your concerns as they can pull out a win against almost any deck out there. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The actual Dark/Tribute engine inside can be applied to other archetypes and decks too. Just 1 Magical Musket boss monster exists though, in the form of Mastermind Zakiel. Slightly lock-down based too, Dinowresters seek to let your opponent build their monsters  up, only to kill 1 each turn and inflict big damage. They’re definitely fun to play though and can perform well in local tournaments. Shurit was finally unbanned. Plenty of spell cards are capable of summoning the other Ancient Gear boss monsters, sometimes it feels like it’s easier to summon a 3000+ ATK boss than any other monster! They were exactly where they belonged, fossilized in time, forgotten by all. Chronomaly’s are a forgotten rock archetype however, when paired with kaiju’s they can easily ftk or otk your opponent. Palezoic XYZ monsters are also formidable with support from their trap cards. Do you dislike people? Kinda late but you could always sync the deck with dark worlds as the two archetypes work pretty good together. Take a look at the linked deck-list below, I’ve written a huge guide behind the D/Ds using my personal deck as a reference. No matter how many your opponent destroys, these Insect type monsters will keep coming back. Filling your graveyard full of Skull Servant cards is so easy because of the support they’ve received in recent years, a ton of cards have been released that are classed as Skull Servant in the graveyard. Additionally, F.As have some nice Synchro type boss monsters available to them. So many Warrior type monsters can be summoned easily, a combination of different archetypes, such as Empowered Warriors and Heroic Challengers, is a good way to start. It really is quite hard to believe how cheap this deck is, you can pick up 3 Lair of Darkness Structure Decks on Amazon for a crazy low amount. Average deck price: $104/£80 Rank 10 Trains Based around the dreadnoughts that are Rank 10 Trains, this deck seeks to spam level 10 monsters on the field, to overlay for powerful XYZ bosses. On a budget though, you’re better off running beat-down cards to protect/reinforce Dragon Buster’s destructiveness, as well as hand-traps to disrupt your opponent’s strategies! This deck’s main cards are Divine Dragon Lord Felgrand (pictured) & Arkbrave Dragon, with Dragon Ravine being the spell that brings them together. You can get 99% of the main deck cards required in the Rise of the True Dragons structure deck. Trading Card Game (TCG). Playing them will significantly increase your testosterone levels, you may end up with an addiction to oil too. Android Deck Building Application. If you really enjoy them, you can add competitive hand-traps and Extra Deck monsters, such as those on the recommended decklist below that reached top 8 in a regional tournament! Lore-wise, the Orcust archetype is linked to Crusadias (see further down the list). Chaos Ancient Gear Giant is one of the craziest boss monsters in the game, being absolutely monstrous on the field, immune to pretty much everything and capable of OTK’ing with ease. Such as Metaphys Nephthys being the re-make of Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys! Thematically, Metaphys are Wyrm type versions of some classic Dragon type monsters. Zefraath is a bizarre but powerful boss monster, although I wouldn’t recommend this deck to new players. hello i am new to yu gi oh so i have a question: Are the extra cards mentioned in the recommended list obligatory? You can easily summon multiple level 3 or 4 Rock-type monsters for Link or XYZ summoning. So many variations exist, using the field spell included to turn your opponent’s monsters into the Dark attribute, only to tribute them and devastate their entire hand and field. They were always semi-decent in niche situations but a lack of coherency plagued them. Not recommended! High degrees of consistency make summoning ABC-Dragon Buster (pictured) extremely easy in the first turn. I win most of the time and the fusion monsters completely annoy my friend.

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