If you've never tried an iced mocha (which is just a specialty latte, really,) I'd recommend starting there. You can also substitute the Frapp Roast with shots of espresso. I thought it would be fun to look up an ingredient, and using publicly sourced, company-released, and freely available information, break down the ingredients in it and give it a closer look. Frappuccino bases are a line of syrups that Starbucks uses specifically in these beverages to thicken the drink and add sweetness. The barista said that I could make the mocha syrup with hot chocolate power and warm water. Asking for fewer pumps of regular base will alter the texture of the drink, making it less smooth and also reducing the sugar content. In fact, the unique vanilla flavor enhances some of the Frappuccinos. It's a mixture of sugar and a thickening agent. My baristas have been trying to replicate as closely as possible the recipe. Let the milkshake lovers specify their order, as a "Blended non-coffee beverage"! The base is something that comes to us pre-bottled, and it's an ingredient that adds extra sweetness and thickness to the beverages. Mocha syrup and java chips combined with milk, blended with ice and topped with whipped cream. Wow thanks.. May be a different experience to go for.. Hi. Too BIG of pieces of ice? I need help. Do you know if the flavors syrups play any role in the texture of the frappuccino? Lol and I'm dying to know how to make it. Now I know. Sugar: Sugar usually comes from two primary sources -- cane and sugar beet. I'm not really sure where you can buy these, but with so many kitchen gadgets around, I can't imagine they're only available to restaurant owners. Thanks! Second, in place of the coffee base, I've actually found that vanilla flavored powders like you can find labeled as smoothie mix or soft-serve ice cream mix work quite well. Choosing a light base will cut calories and change the taste drastically. I've tried making them at home an get close, but can't make it exactly. I'm using a Ninja blender, which usually does nicely for me, with smoothies & the like. I would use espresso, but I don't have access to it at home. It has specific amounts and recipes for you to try. Blended ice gives me major headaches :(, I love Starbuck drinks but had a difficult evening last night after drinking an Americano that contained Aspartame which I am allergic to. Amanda W (author) from Pittsburgh on December 06, 2014: I do not believe there is actual coffee contained in the coffee base ingredient. Great guide, thanks a lot! Lol. Ajoutez-y le café une fois refroidi. Sugar beet is less expensive to grow, harvest, and produce, so with some healthy professional conjecture, I would say these contain sugar from sugar beets. The simplest way to think of it is that anything that doesn't come standard with the drink will be extra - with the exception of milk type (soy IS extra, but everything else is fine including heavy whipping cream,) whipped cream (always free,) and the powders that should be available on the condiment bar (cinnamon dolce, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and chocolate.). Having worked at cafes where we tried to come up with our own version of the Frappuccino, I can make a couple of suggestions. I am not sure the exact count per pump, but I know that by substituting the Light base instead of the regular Coffee, the calories are drastically cut. I'd very very grateful.. Amanda W (author) from Pittsburgh on November 08, 2012: That is a tough one! Haven't been there in a while, but this was interesting to know! It's a special blend that comes in a powder form, which is specifically formulated to be used cold. So, I'd advise you to try adding some vanilla. It's hard to find a substitute when making these types of drinks at home; eventually, I'd like to post up some hubs with homemade frappuccino recipes, but I'm sure you could look around here or even on google to find a suitable substitute. I'd say better than the average household blender. To make Mocha Frappuccino: Add coffee, milk, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla, and chocolate syrup to a blender. (Of course it would still have the coffee, too :).) I try to look for alternatives in teas. If not, a concentrated coffee will do fine - I've even used instant with just a bit of hot water in a pinch, though the fresher the coffee, the better the results. When Starbucks rolled out the new Frapp Roast, it became possible for customers to order extra coffee in their Frappiccinos. I'm a new barista and all this information is a bit hard to grasp in a few minutes of training). A cup of coffee is generally estimated at five calories. Milk: Water and fat are both removed from the cows' milk, leaving behind milk solids -- a tasty mix of lactose sugars, casein, whey protein, and minerals.

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