- When did you last receive a gift? / Why not?] A smile and a laugh is priceless. Don’t give just because you did in the past. How do you think neighbours can help each other?Part 2:Describe a time when you were asked. You should say: - what you did - where and when you did this - who you shared the activity with and explain why this activity was new or exciting for you When do people give gifts or presents in your country? The "Name Day" is the day of your saint, the saint that you carry the name of. What problems do people sometimes have with their neighbours?4. If you won't see your Estonian friend during the holidays, give them a virtual gift by video chatting with the world-famous program Skype, invented in Estonia. For example, $101 instead of just $100. Part 1When do people give gifts or presents in your country? - When did you last receive a gift? Why do you think some people like doing new things? Is laughing the same as feeling happy?Part 2:Describe an idea you had for improving something at work or collegeYou, Part 1:1. - Do you enjoy looking for gifts for people? How often do you see them?3. Submitted by essayE-rater on Wed, 10/22/2014 - 21:02. Gifts are not usually opened in the presence of the gift giver. People also love to give gifts when they are celebrating the Chinese New Year. - Do you ever take a gift when you visit someone in their home? Remove 'ehn' in the speaking. Q. Don’t ask to photograph people holding your gift unless they offer. Part 1:which newspapers and magazines do you read? Answer: In my country, people give gifts or presents on a number of different occasions, such as marriage ceremonies, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, mother’s day, father’s day and valentine’s day. / Why not? Muslims should not be given gifts made of pigskin or any alcoholic products. Other countries like Denmark will make you declare the value of a company’s gift to tax authorities if it surpasses a certain amount. However, they love to give gifts or presents, even more, when people are celebrating any ceremonies like birthdays or wedding. When you’re figuring out whom to give to, keep in mind your list might not have all the same people as last year’s. Express gratitude that your gift was accepted. / Why not?] / Why not?] Some people say that it is more important to be able to learn new things now than it was in the past. Do you think children and adults learn to do new things in the same way? How important are these things? [Why? / Why not?] - When did you last receive a gift? - Do you think reading a newspaper in a foreign language is a good way of learning the language. Describe something you did that was new or exciting. Why? - What kinds of article are you most interested in? - Do you ever take a gift when you visit someone in their home? Hindus should not be given gifts made of leather. Part 1 Do you agree or disagree with that? Do you think it's important for people to laugh?4. [Why? Much attention is given to the wrapping of presents. IELTS Speaking Test | Part 2 Describe something you did that was new or exciting. Copyright © 2005-2020 TestPrep Communities by testbig.com, All rights reserved. Many companies in countries such as Singapore and the United States, for example, have policies restricting the giving or accepting of gifts in an attempt to avoid any appearance of bribery. [Why? [Why? - Do you enjoy looking for gifts for people? Q. [What was it?] Discussion Topic - Giving gifts. A priceless present. Part 1:1. If not nicely packed, the present should at least be handed over in a bag, preferably a bag by the shop the present was purchased at. When do people give gifts or presents in your country? What problems can people have when they try new activities for the first time? [What was it?] - Have you ever read a newspaper in a foreign language? 1. Sending a gift to someone in another culture takes some extra consideration; you want to pay attention to any cultural disconnects, taboos, or expectations. Why? ... people) and when from father's side family is smaller (some spend in other towns etc). Part 2 Answer: People in my country like to exchange gifts whether there is an occasion for it not. [What was it?] Check your company’s policies regarding gift giving. Hello, I'm Hristo from Bulgaria, and the question is when do people give gifts in your country? In my country there are many occasions to give gifts, such as weddings, birthdays, one really interesting occasion is the "Name Day". When do people give gifts or presents in your country? Do you like making other people laugh?3. IELTS Speaking Test Part 1 Questions Giving Gifts When do people give gifts or presents in your country? Expect that your host may politely decline your gift several times before finally relenting. An Interesting Tradition, Customs & Traditional Lifestyles, Describe a Person in the News You Would Like to Meet, Describe an Interesting Trip You Have Taken, An article that you read in a magazine about healthy lifestyles, Talk about a person you know who travels a lot by plane, A Popular Traditional Product in Your Country That You Bought, Cambridge IELTS 9 Sample Answers | Doing / Learning New Things | Speaking Test 2 Part 3, Describe a Large Company in Your Country that You Are Interested In. / Why not?] Part 3: Seems to be some good luck thing. For a list of the TOP 10 gift ideas from Estonia, click here. Do you think it’s best to do new things on your own or with other people? I think like in most countries we give gifts on special occasions; the main ones would be birthdays, weddings, graduation from college or university, maybe when people buy their first apartment or home; really anything that people think is an event to celebrate.

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