The ban is enforced in Syrian universities and forbids women from wearing full-face veils while on campus, since veils don’t represent the secular values of universities in the country. Jan 1 - Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God (Catholic) This feast is a celebration of Mary's motherhood of Jesus. 8 Countries Where Religious Freedom Is Actually Under Attack. Fake news infected the body politic this week as liberals lost their minds over President Trump’s falsely-labeled “Muslim ban,” which bars refugees from seven high-risk Muslim majority countries (previously identified by President Obama’s own Department of Homeland Security) for a … Religious Calendar 2016. The currency used by Iran is Rial. 40 Among the 34 countries in the world that have this kind of ban in place, 44% are countries with an official state religion, while 24% are countries that have a preferred or favored religion. It said 52 governments, including those in Russia and China, impose high levels of restrictions on religion, up from 40 governments in 2007. Regarding the world’s two largest religions, it said Christians were harassed in 143 countries and Muslims in 140. Islam is Officially Banned in Angola, an African Country. 1 / 83. Its total covered area is 1648195 km2, and total resident persons are 82.8 million in 2016. One of the ways states with official or preferred religions restrict religion is through formally banning certain religious groups. Countries Where Jehovah's Witnesses' Activities Are Banned Jehovah's Witnesses are the target of social and government oppression in various countries. END TIME: Russia has banned any form of religion soon it will be universal Troubling times for the Church in Russia as the State tries to seal loopholes for anyone to meet Christ. The government has not outlawed the hijab but feels that full-face coverage is a symbol of Islamic extremism. This was Pew’s 10th annual Report on Global Restrictions on Religion. This ban lasted over 200 years and was built to prevent the country from being influenced by the creeping influence of Christianity, brought into the country by radicalized Catholic missionaries. All Mosques have been closed down there and the Majority of the Muslims there were disenfranchised and deported. North Korea – In this totalitarian state, the only thing that North Koreans are permitted to worship is the nation’s leader, Kim Jong-un. Here are five countries where owning a Bible is dangerous, and seeing one, even a page in your home could cause you to go to jail. Well in-fact there are many countries which have put restriction on Islam as a religion and its practices here is the list Asia * Bhutan Bhutan , also known as most peaceful country in Asia , officially does not recognise Islam as a religion. Well, consider this: If the United States were to go through with this policy, it would probably be the only country in the world to openly ban arrivals based solely on religious beliefs. It is the Islamic country which is recently banned by the USA to travel there. The Minority of Muslims who are allowed to stay there are now on Work Permits and are no longer Citizens there. Four countries in South and Southeast Asia have laws that ban conversion of their citizens away from the majority religion, and two other countries are considering implementing the legislation, apart from numerous other nations in the region that prohibit blasphemy and apostasy, aimed mostly at Christian missionary work.

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