Head Of State Vs. Head Of Government: A Guide. They can also ensure that companies compete in a fair manner. Without rules, things would become chaotic very quickly and people may get hurt. You receive a write-up when you are unable to adhere to the rules, this may not get you fired immediately, but it sure does reflect on your records. However, adhering to these regulations ensure that you won’t lose your job as a result of your own inability to follow the rules. Just imagine how many devastating accidents will happen if everyone just decided to disregard the rules. If you just look at all the traffic regulations we have, you’ll see why they are set in place. These guidelines show a community member what is right to do and to what extent. Mitigating The Dangers Of Driving In Winter, Business Law: Useful Tips For Deep Understanding, Car Crash Attorney Tips: What To Do After A Car Crash, 7 Common Medication Shopping Mistakes to Avoid Online. Rules of nutrition can help to prevent health problems. So why is it important to follow rules? Also, the violators of these rules are often handled by the penalties which the laws of the land for the violations. Without rules, anything is likely to deviate to a different direction. We have been able to establish that rules are very important for any society to make considerable progress. Your email address will not be published. Here are some reasons why rules are important in an organization: This is one virtue that talks about the behavior of employees when they are on duty. The truth is that without rules and regulations the world as we know it today would have gotten plunged into total anarchy. Rules are also created to help protect us from each other because of our innate self-destruct potentials. These rules usually differ from one place to the other and the differences are often determined by factors such as social interactions, beliefs, policies, and the method of governance in place. Any company that does not have functional rules will have a non-cooperative work culture. Why should we follow the guidelines that have been established in our society? An instance of this is the fact that rules get created in schools to entrench trust and discipline. Rules are not a part of society as we know it; they are the fabric upon which societies get built. It is a plan of action that should get carried out to meet some goals of the organization in their daily running. A policy is a principle of action that aims towards a certain business goal. Violators are dealt with according to the penalties that come with the violation of the rules. Today, we’re going to discuss the rule definition and its importance to the modern society. Thanks to them, we can perform various processes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The most important reason for following company rules and regulations is personal safety and the safety of your clients and co-workers. When teachers and students trust … So far, we have been able to establish that policies and procedures are vital for the smooth operation of any organization. An organization is the type of labor and the kind of work that is been done per time. It suffices to say that rules are good for guiding and monitoring the interactions that occur among the members of society. Refusing to follow rules about designated smoking areas, break room use and inappropriate language might result in suspension or termination. Rules are established to protect the weaker class in the society since they are at a disadvantage if such regulations are broken. Without rules, any country or society will not be able to function in any way. They can also get explained using simple paragraphs and sentences and they show the method of implementation of the rules. What are Rules and Why Do We Need to Follow Them. But rules are more effective when they get tailored per the need of the people it gets designed to serve per time. For example, regulations are used in schools in order to promote discipline and trust, in a bid to provide a peaceful learning environment for the students as the desired result. A lot of people do not like rules because to them it represents some sort o restriction. New Technology And How It Is Impacting Medical Education, How To Integrate Technology Into The Classroom. Lastly, rules and regulations are essential for students thus able to prepare them for the future.The society is always faced with numerous rules hence understanding its importance while in school will help develop respect for the governing authority. This is especially important if you work with dangerous machinery, maneuver heavy equipment or work in hazardous conditions. Regulations can help ensure that businesses do not collude to raise prices. If we don’t have the rule of law that punishes criminal acts like murder and stealing, then you can trust that crime rate will skyrocket. When the rules get broken, it leaves a negative footprint on the organization because the ethics and culture of the organization may diminish. Without the existence of rules and regulations, is it even possible to have games and sports? Rules and regulations can help keep workers safe and prevent harm for business and industrial practices.

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