After hearing a sound coming form the barn, Geralt decides to investigate. Also did the quest with saving the mansion for this lady while there… How to meet Letho in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Grab ‘The Hall of the House of Reardon’ quest from the noticeboard in Lindenvale. The Fall of the House of Reardon is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The events that unfold at the manor are dependent entirely on whether you either spared or killed Letho during The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. While exploring Velen's countryside near Lindenvale, or taking on The Fall of the House of Reardon contract, Geralt stumbles across a farmstead which is littered with booby traps. Is there any way that I can get Letho in my game without having played Witcher 2? Some friends you see after many years apart and you immediately develop a headache. Letho will thank you for not letting them cut off his head and then decide to hide somewhere. Yet that, dear reader, is exactly who Geralt found when he entered such a manor in Lindenvale. I spared Letho in the Witcher 2 but he is not at the manor. Cant find Letho despite he should be alive and in a barn. Games. If you offered Letho to seek shelter in Kaer Morhen: Geralt proposed that his old acquaintance seek shelter at Kaer Morhen. It introduces the aesthetic of the game and the character Letho, an outrageously beefy and agile witcher who is going around the Continent assassinating kings. You may also be interested in something from the list below. What does one expect to find inside an abandoned country manor? Choosing whether or not to kill Letho is the final choice that you'll use to set the world state in the beginning of The Witcher 3. If Letho was not killed at Loc Muinne in the previous game, he can be found in No Man's Land in Velen, hiding at the Reardon Manor.When Geralt talks to him, he will reveal that after Loc Muine, Emperor Emhyr has decided to clean up loose ends - including himself. If Letho is alive, when you arrive at the manor, a large yellow search area will appear on the mini-map and you’ll want to switch on your Witcher Senses as you explore it. No matter what you say, you'll still have to help Letho eliminate all the headhunters (6,7). Moth-eaten doilies. In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [edit | edit source]. She'll reveal she's returned to the area as her husband has passed away, but her family estate is infested with monsters. Somewhere along the way Geralt parted with Letho. You can go with him or stay out of it. When the game reached our screens back in 2015, it offered some of the most intriguing, morally challenging, and downright amusing side quests we have seen to date. Make your way to the furthest room in the cellar to find a weak wall and destroy it, then enter to find a skeleton you can examine and some paper nearby. You may suggest that he should go to Kaer Morhen. This replaces Letho's, Lambert's, and Eskel's swords and Gaetan's silver sword and armor. Witcher 3 Ghosts of the Past Quest Walkthrough. Option 2 – Letho is Alive. Let him alive in Witcher 2 , and used this save file. You can examine this, but the reward itself is the area below it, which will uncover the lockbox. There is a known bug that causes the quest to resolve instantly, without actually having to do it, thus never getting to meet Letho. Shortly after the game begins, another king is assassinated, and Geralt is the main suspect. After the fight, wounded Louis will tell you where you can find Vester who hired him. The Witcher 3 is renowned for having an expansive world jam-packed with monsters, quests, combat, and incredible visuals. You'll have to decide what to do next - intervene or stay out of trouble. If you do that, he will help you defend the castle in a later quest. I imported the save from TW2 to play TW3, but by mistake the save I took was not the autosave of the endgame, but the save right before speaking to Letho. Geralt, now fully able to remember how Letho and two of his colleagues once saved Yennefer's life, could not refuse him help.

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